Preparing Paper

Authors should prepare and upload two versions of their manuscripts. One should be a complete text, while in the second all information identifying the author should be removed from files to allow them to be sent anonymously to referees. When uploading files authors will then be able to define the non-anonymous version as "File not for review".

Articles should normally be between 5000 and 8000 words. When preparing their manuscript, authors should use Indonesian, British or American spellings throughout. Manuscripts should be single-spaced, with ample margins, and should contain the title of the contribution, name(s) of the author(s), and the address where the work was carried out.

Each article should be accompanied by an abstract of 200-250 words and up to 4 keywords. Abstracts should be accurate summaries including the rationale for the article, methods employed (if relevant), and conclusions are drawn.

The full postal and email address of the corresponding author who will check proofs should be included. Footnotes to the text should be avoided. Sponsorship of the research reported (e.g. by research councils, government departments, agencies, etc.) should be declared.

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New submissions should be made via the Research Exchange submission portal  For technical help with the submission system, please review our contact

Article Types:

Article Type Description
Original Article Reports of original research, with methods, findings, and conclusions.
Response An opinionated, subjective piece by one or more experts, (who may agree or disagree) on a topic or publication.
Editorial To convey an opinion, or overview of an issue, by the Editor or someone invited by the editor